Current Renters of Dakota Realty

If you are a Renter of a Dakota Realty property, below is some general information and answers to common questions from our renters. Please check this area before contacting Dakota Realty, your answer may be found faster here!

General Rental Payment Questions:

  • Rent is due on the 1st of every month, check your lease regarding late charges.
  • Rent can be mailed, put in drop box, located in the back side of Dakota Realty, or stop in and drop it off.
  • Checks will never be made out to Dakota Realty. Always make them payable to the name on the lease.
  • Never leave cash in drop box!

General Maintenance Questions:

  • What if my outside porch light is not working? – The first thing you can do is make sure the light bulb itself is not burnt out. If after placing a new light bulb in the fixture, it still doesn’t work, you should give us a call or email us at homes

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please email us at

Rental Information

Dakota Realty has a variety of rentals in the Vermillion area.

Our Property Management Team offers new construction, apartments, duplexes, houses, and many other units. Just remember the prices will reflect the size and amenities of the place. Every rental unit could have required responsibilities.

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